St. Augustine is committed to protecting employees from workplace related illness, disease, and injury. The Company has created a culture of safety among workers by adopting formal Health & Safety protocols, mandating compulsory training courses and health awareness workshops, and undertaking safety audits.

St. Augustine is committed to achieving an incident and injury free workplace.  The Company recognizes that to achieve this, its commitment to health & safety must start from the top. Both Senior Executives and Management demonstrate good practices in health and safety by following strict safety protocols, including always wearing protective equipment on-site and taking appropriate wellness measures, including proper rest, exercise and nutrition.

St. Augustine thoroughly documents all workplace related injuries and incidents. Through precise documentation, the Company is able to assess all workplace related injuries and set specific policies and practices in place to minimize the reoccurrence of similar incidents and work towards a zero incident and injury rate.

St. Augustine demonstrates its overall workplace commitment to health and safety through its ongoing efforts to promote safe working practices among the artisanal and small-scale miners in the Pantukan region. Since 2011, St. Augustine has been working with government agencies, community organizations and the artisanal and small-scale mining associations to find a solution for this hazardous practice.


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